The Piper of Shadonia

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Dobbins' ears flicked gain, as though missing their voices.

The Piper of Shadonia

Is it just our senses, or something more? You mention magic. I don't know what that is, but in the past, if the old tales are right, people were able to know and do things they can't now. We limit ourselves.

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Balm nodded. We never used to build them.

Not till the Forenzians came. We're erecting other fences too, around our minds and spirits. They prevent us from being what we used to be--a part of the world around us.

Broken Thread

I don't know why it is--maybe your family heritage, maybe all those stores your Gran told you--but you seem to be able to jump over those fences and be part of the land. Summon the spirit of Balm? But what should he do with this ability to leap fancies?

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As though sensing the turmoil in his mind, Balm reached over and patted Tobin's knee. I'm glad you're with us. Tobin Morgenstar is far away from home in the scene quoted above. He's travelling with a troupe of puppeteers, stopping at villages to perform plays, never sure of his next meal. Buy the e-book: Kindle iTunes.

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Broken Thread, The by Linda Smith. Minstrel's Daughter by Linda Smith. Linda went on to work in Saskatoon, Nova Scotia and Boston.

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From , she made her home in Grande Prairie, Alberta, where she worked as a children's librarian, and eventually wrote full time. Sign in. Hidden fields.

Top charts. Add to Wishlist. Tobin lives in two worlds. The son of a mayor, he must be loyal to the dominant Forenzian Empire, but he cares more about the ancient and suppressed world of Shadonia.